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New Model!

Developed by Panasonic 18 years ago, nanoe TM Technology has continued to evolve ever since. Offering seven beneficial effects, this superior technology has the power to solve a variety of air-related problems!


Ductless heating and air conditioning systems provide optimal comfort along with the reduced energy consumption that comes with zoned temperature control. The new XE ductless system features nanoe™ X — a built-in air and surface purification technology that provides a comfortable environment for occupants by reducing pollutants and odors. nanoe™ X penetrates deep into the fibers of carpets and furniture to inhibit pollutants and odors. The multi-step purification system, nanoe™ X and filter, requires minimal maintenance (only the filter). Since the nanoe™ X device is made from rugged titanium, no maintenance is required. Featuring whisper-quiet heating and cooling and advanced built-in air and surface purification technology, the new XE series sets a new standard for a comfortable indoor environment.


  • nanoe™ X air and surface purification system
  • –26°C (-15°F) cold climate heating operationn
  • Base pan heater included
  • Built-in Wi-Fin Auxiliary heater connection
  • Personalized room temperature control and optimized comfort
  • Reduced energy usage and utility bills with eco-friendly, energy-saving equipment
  • Whisper-quiet heating and cooling operation
  • Elimination of hot/cold spots in your home
  • Requires less install time by a licensed contractor


  •  Single-Zone: Effective solution for bedrooms, game rooms, home offices, garages, workshops, additions and rooms that are too hot or too cold.

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